SUPERNATURAL INC is a 21 Century Multimedia Platform and Distributor of Film, Music and Creative Content. SUPERNATURAL INC IS AN AFFILIATED COMPANY of SPITSLAM which was founded and created by Chuck D of Public Enemy. He had the accomplished goal of creating a record and entertainment platform that would be truly independent, innovative and creatively free to revolutionize the globe.

Our Team

CEO (SPITSLAM Record Group): Chuck D

Email: ChuckD@channelzero.net


COO/President: Janol "Mecca" Holmes

Email: janol@slam-worldwide.com

VP of A&R/Label Development: Leeia Henderson

Email: theartrecordings50@gmail.com


Marketing/Business Inquiries: Jay Verdejo

Email: info@slam-worldwide.com


Audio Mastering Engineer: Earle Holder (HDQTRZ)

Email: Mastering@hdqtrz.com






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