• Jay Verdejo

"POWER" - Anthem Music for Today's Fight Against Racial and Human Injustice.

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

"POWER" is an amazing song and video that captures the ongoing energy, struggle and fight that takes place within the Unites States and throughout the World. The song serves as a modern day anthem for today's fight against Racial and Human Injustice. "Power" features Hip Hop Artist "HaStyle" and the producer collective "THE REVOLT" (ACG & MA1) in addition to classical music composer "Julene Siddique" (courtesy of Serdica Records). "POWER" also comes as a creative collaboration between "Show Racism The Red Card" (Anti-racism education campaign) and Supernatural INC (International Multimedia Platform and Company). The song and video is a follow up single to the upcoming release "THE RED CARD: Music Project Volume 1" which is being released late June 2020 courtesy of Supernatural INC Music.

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